18 March 2009

Call back from hematologist

He said he'd call me by Monday, but didn't call until today. He wants me to get a blood test to check my serotonin levels, to go along with the cortisol urine test already at the lab. I'll go by his office and pick up the order tomorrow and go get blood drawn. He spoke with the endocrinologist, who looked through the tests and found where a urine test had been done which would have included these levels, but the pH level noted on the results could have made the results less than accurate. The blood test will be more accurate, anyway.

No other information. Just hanging out and hanging on, sometimes by the tip of my nails. Headache's the same. Of course. If I wait until I'm tired and take the Ambien, I do sleep longer and a little more deeply (though I still wake up during the night). However, if I take it and just crawl in bed, it doesn't seem to help me fall asleep at all.

If/when I have more info, I'll pass it on.