08 June 2009


No, I didn't spell the subject line incorrectly. More on that in a bit.

I've continued trying various dosages of the Indomethacin and Gabapentin. They help but don't eradicate the headache pain. I take the Indomethacin at night, so if it makes me sleep it's not an issue. I take the Gabapentin a couple times during the day. It tends to make me somewhat dizzy, but usually it's not awful.

June 15th I'll be seeing a physiatrist. A physiatrist is an expert in diagnosing and treating pain...sounds like my kind of guy! A friend who works in health care suggested getting an orthopedist to check for spinal problems. When I called my ortho's office, they said I needed to see a physiatrist rather than an ortho. Thankfully, there's one in practice at the same medical group. So, spent time on the phone getting everything set up. I then got to go online and fill out the new patient info, medication info, and health history. Much better than filling it all out by hand in the doctor's office!

I know I haven't been doing many updates, but there just hasn't been much of a change. Trial & error on the meds just takes a while. Headache's been bad enough that I haven't gone to the last couple of Wizards matches. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. :-(

No other news here. Still working out financing for possible purchase of home across the street. Should have an answer very soon and then we can start working on the price. :-) Sure hope it works out...moving across the street would be much simpler than moving anywhere else. The (foreclosed) home in which we're living has not sold and we just want to get out of here.