14 September 2009

Another drug failure

Latest drug trial did no good, in fact the headache is the worst it's been in a while. Just got home from a doctor's appointment. I'll stop taking the Bystolic and go back to my old beta blocker. At least the headaches remained the same with that one.

The Bystolic apparently also drove my high blood pressure down so far it was low! Haven't taken the medicine for hypertension since Friday. My blood pressure was UP to 101/74 this morning. When the numbers start looking high again, I'll go back on that med. And, yes, I have a blood pressure cuff so I can monitor it.

I'm going to be calling and getting an appointment with another neurologist (this will be my third). My doctor suggested this one as an acquaintance of his who has had similar headaches for 25+ years says she feels this neurologist may be making headway. Hey, I'm willing to try! My poor doctor feels so badly that he can't figure this out...I know he asks for ideas any time he is talking with other doctors.

Other than the headache, I'm doing pretty well. I seem to be stabilized on my other meds. Life is not overly exciting right now, but at least I have a nice comfy new recliner! Doesn't solve anything, but I sure do like it.