19 February 2009

Thursday already!

Just the same old stuff here. Nothing different. I wish I had something new to share! At least the wild swings in outdoor temperatures don't affect me much...other than making the weather forecasts more interesting. The headache has been pretty steady the last few days at just below the terrible level. Or my pain tolerance has increased and I just think it's below the terrible level. I'm not really sure any longer. The headache's been around so long that it's getting hard to quantify how much it hurts. I don't even remember what it's like to not have the pain. I sure hope it is a problem with my adrenal glands...at least there's some things to be done to try and counteract those type of problems.

No more info here. Hope everyone's staying warm and healthy!

17 February 2009

Just another day

Hi! Sorry for the late update, but I was hoping something wonderful, interesting or different would happen to make this more fun to read. Sorry, no such luck. Just another day of waiting. Still no results, still have the headache. Nothing new to report at all. Check in with you later!

16 February 2009

Monday Magic

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's weekend. Bobby and I enjoyed a nice quiet weekend at home. Of course, it had to be fairly quiet as the headache was pretty bad, and still is. It is covering a smaller area, but is much more intense. I sure hope the latest tests lead to a diagnosis....and that the diagnosis leads to a way to alleviate the pain.

I am just so very tired of the headache and the inability to routinely do the things I enjoy.

There is absolutely nothing exciting going on here. I sincerely hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

15 February 2009

Daytona Sunday

Hi, all! Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but there really hasn't been any change since Friday. We're just getting ready to watch the Daytona 500. The headache is centered over my right temple currently, and is medium-level intense. I hope to start getting some results information from the neurologist this week. Until then, I'm just in a holding pattern. Still.