08 April 2009

Long Term Disability Approved!

Hallelujah! I got a call from the insurance company today to let me know my long term disability claim was approved. That takes some stress away, let me tell you. Since I'm still without a diagnosis, it's approved through June. If I'm still not working then, there will be more paperwork and stuff to complete. I would also be required to apply for Social Security Disability at that time. I may go ahead and get the forms and stuff for that as it may take me that long to complete them! I hope I'm working by then, but at this point I really don't know.

I'm still waiting to see if the Topamax helps with the headache. I'll be upping the dosage tonight.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts....keep 'em up!

07 April 2009

Patience, patience!

Apparently, teaching patience is one of the insurance company's tenets. Even though my doctor faxed everything they needed last Wednesday (for the second time), the paperwork was just submitted for approval today! So, it will probably be Thursday before I find out whether or not I will have any income. As if I was not already stressed enough. I just hope it is approved - not only for the money but so I will be able to continue my health insurance at the same rate I had been paying. Good thing my doctor and I had decided to move my antidepressant dosage back up!

Topamax may or may not be helping yet. The headache was really bad the last few days, but it is less awful today. I also experienced some of Topamax's side effects (dizziness, lightheadedness) yesterday. However, the headache's intensity changes frequently and I've been dizzy before, so I am not sure it is all due to Topamax. Another day or so at this dose and if I don't see concrete changes, I'll increase the dosage and hope for the best.

The stress of all this is really getting to both Bobby and me. There are things we would like to do, but we do not want to spend the $$ until we know what is going on with my disability. So, we're just staying home and eating at home a lot. This wouldn't be so bad if I was able to cook, but when the headache's bad or I'm really dizzy, I do not trust myself in the kitchen. Bobby's been great, cooking what he can, but his repertoire is even more limited than mine! Kind of ironic, we sit around watching all these cooking shows on television, eating our bagged/boxed/frozen/prepared meals. ;-) It gives us a laugh, anyway!

Once I have an answer from insurance or some medical breakthrough, I will let y'all know.

06 April 2009


Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...

'Nuff said.

No word on anything else right now.