22 July 2009

Latest update

I know it's been a while since an update, but nothing has really changed. Headache's still around, still hurts, still no reason why. The trigger-point injections did no good, so canceled my appointment with the physiatrist for any further injections. His only other option was the same thing, but with Botox. Not only is that expensive, I felt that if saline did nothing (if anything, headache was worse for days afterward), why go through the time and expense?

Had an appointment with my regular doctor today. In addition to the headache, trying to deal with it is making my depression worse. So, we're upping my anti-depressant dosage. I quit taking the indomethacin and gabbapentin several days ago - got tired of always feeling slightly loopy from the drugs. So, the headache hurts more without those drugs, but at least I can follow a normal conversation. Notice that's A conversation....more than one person talking at a time and I can't follow worth a darn. When I told my doctor I'd quit those drugs, he suggested I try Lyrica at night. He explained that Lyrica is kind of an "updated" gabbapentin that doesn't have the same side effects. He gave me some samples as well as a prescription to fill if they work. I can only hope.

Meanwhile, I really need to be packing for our move (close on a house this Friday), but I discovered that's not so easy for me. I was going to box up some of my kitchen stuff yesterday, only to discover that when I use the stepstool to reach those things on the top of the cabinets, I don't feel very safe. In fact, I felt decidedly off-kilter and nearly fell. So, I'll wait and try again when Bobby's home so he can steady me or whatever if needed.

That's about the thinking I can do right now. Love to all!