17 January 2009

Hello from Wood River

Well, I didn't feel well enough to go out to breakfast this morning. I didn't get much sleep (headache/different bed combo) so I couldn't get up early enough this morning. I'll have some toast in a few minutes.

The headache didn't lessen overnight like it often does, so I'm starting the day with the headache firmly in place. No real plans for anything except going out for dinner tonight (I think). Just hanging out with family.

If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

16 January 2009

Friday?? Right??

I just have a hard time keeping track of which day it is...a bad side effect of not working.

Anyway, I've survived the MLS Superdraft. Barely. We got to St. Louis yesterday and went to the convention center shortly before the doors opened for the draft. Our team owners had insured that the KC Wizards fans would have seats in the first few rows, so that was great! Several other small groups of KCW fans had also shown up, so we had people to talk with. I was doing fine noise-wise until the draft got under way. Then, in addition to video segments which would come on at high volume, the supporters group from St. Louis (they don't have a team, but they're trying to get one in MLS) would begin their chanting/singing. Loudly, as any decent supporters' group should! Then, they had a drum. Normally, I love the fact that supporters' clubs use drums and anything else to make noise. This time, not such a good thing for me. I managed to stay in the room for the duration of the first round, but my head felt like it was going to explode by then. I spent the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds of the draft in a chair in the space outside the ballroom. A bit noisy, but definitely much more bearable for me.

We went to the hotel and then out to eat (it was REALLY cold walking around downtown St. Louis!). My head still hurt, but it was down to a level where I could function reasonably well.

After we got up this morning, we went back to the convention center to tour all the cool soccer-related stuff in the exhibition hall. There are a lot of really intriguing soccer things out there! We learned some things, saw some old friends and got some trinkets. For an exhibition hall, it wasn't terribly noisy, but after about an hour or so, I had to sit down. My head was beginning to hurt worse gradually and I was feeling a bit weak and woozy. So, I spent most of the rest of the time in the nice comfy chair I located while Bobby looked through the rest of the exhibits. He bought some soccer scarves and we were on our way out.

So, we're now at Bobby's parents' house. I have some pain, but it's lessened considerable since we arrived here. I was able to lay down and nap for about an hour, which helped. We then had a great fried chicken dinner (thanks, Jean!) and then I decided to log on and update this (Jean told me to, too).

I had about as much fun as I could the last couple of days, but the severity of the pain when I was around noise and activity just really brought home how bad the headache is. At home in a more or less controlled environment, there isn't often a big swing in the level of pain. Boy, there sure is a big swing when I'm out in the real world!

Ok. Gotta go now. Dishwasher's going and I'm too close to it here. I'll probably write more tomorrow.

Love to everyone!

15 January 2009

St. Louis

Bobby & I are leaving Thursday morning to head to St. Louis. We'll be going to the NSCAA Convention, mainly to attend the MLS draft and, perhaps, the Women's League draft. We also plan on going through the exhibition area just to check out new soccer stuff. So, I may not be updating this blog regularly this weekend. We're doing soccer stuff Thursday & Friday (staying in a downtown hotel), then going over to Bobby's mom's house for the rest of the weekend.

I heard nothing from doctors' offices on Wednesday. At least my cell phone works in STL!

Later. Some time.

14 January 2009

Wondering Wednesday

I'm wondering if this headache is ever going away.

I'm wondering if we'll find out what's causing the headache.

I'm wondering if my doctor's battle with the insurance company will result in my getting a CTA test.

I'm wondering if his battle will also result in the head MRI payment being approved (the bill is over $5000).

I'm wondering what it's like to be able to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time.

I'm wondering if I'll be able to "hang" at the MLS draft in St. Louis, or if I'll end up having to go to the hotel for some quiet time.

Just one of those days, ya know?

13 January 2009

Gotta love insurance companies, right?

Well, the neurologist's nurse called me this morning and said that my insurance company had denied the request for the CTA! She said the doctor would review my chart/blood tests and see what the next step should be. They'll get back to me.

So, Bobby had taken a 1/2 day off work today (it's slow at work), and we were headed to Target, which is across from my primary care doctor's office. I had Bobby go there and we went inside where I just asked if I could talk to the nurse for a minute. The nurse came out shortly and I informed her of what the neurologist had said (worried about diabetes later in my life) and that the insurance company had denied the authorization for the CTA test. She looked shocked. At that point, I asked if I could go back and use their scale (to find out about that possible mysterious 20 pound loss). She took me on back and while I used the scale (without the 20 pound loss, mind you!) the doctor saw me and came over to ask what was going on with me as he had not yet received a report from the neurologist. I explained what was going on and about the denied CTA test, as well as the fact that the insurance company had denied payment for the head MRI I had done last month. Both he and the nurse looked a bit angry and the doctor told me to get the insurance information to him and he'll call and find out what's going on.

After our outing to Target and a late lunch at Long John Silver's, we came home and I looked up the claim/authorization request numbers and other information and left a message for my primary doctor's nurse.

I still have not heard back from the neurologist about our plan going forward.

Meanwhile, my head still hurts. Fortunately, it hasn't been terrible today.

Terrific Tuesday

Well, at least that sounds good! Actually, though, it's just another day in paradise. I upped the medication level last night, but there hasn't been any type of change yet. Headache's still there, though it got slightly less severe yesterday. Here's hoping that the larger dose starts to have some kind of affect. Soon.

My sleep appears to be back to normal...Or at least what passes as normal for me. No more trying to change my bedtime habits for a while. I think I'll get used to the food/drink changes a little bit more before I try that again.

Nothing else really going on. I'll check back later if there's any news.

12 January 2009


Well, I found out that the delay in getting the CTA scan scheduled is due to the insurance company having to "review" the referral request. The neurologist's nurse will call me as soon as they get notice of approval from the insurance company. I've never had problems with this insurance before, so here's hoping they approve it soon.

I also now have a scheduled neurologist appointment on April 6. As I mentioned, if the meds don't start working, I'll be calling him sooner.


Sleeping In

I actually got some really sound sleep last night! I went to bed about 12:30 and was awake when Bobby went to work at 6:00 a.m., but was able to go back to a sound sleep shortly thereafter. So sound, that the next thing I knew, it was 10:00 a.m. and my phone was ringing. It was the neurologist's scheduler. I was hoping she was calling to tell me about my CTA scan, but no, she was just letting me know that the doctor wants to see me again in early to mid-April! She didn't have appointments open during that timeframe, so she was putting me on the cancellation list, again. [If I have any problems with the new medicine, I'm to call him right away. If I reach the max with no resolution, I'm also supposed to call him.]

So, I got up, took a shower, and called the neurologist's nurse, who is scheduling the CTA scan. I left another message, indicating I'll be out of town Thursday & Friday. With any luck, someone will actually call me back and tell me what's going on.

The headache wasn't terrible when I first got up, but it's getting a little worse every minute. All this thought (!) I put into this blog must be tough on my brain. I'm going to go get some food now, along with my water.

11 January 2009

Pain is bad

Well, after lots of fitful sleep Friday night, I got just a couple hours of reasonably sound sleep Saturday night. Unfortunately, it really was just a couple of hours. Headache woke me up and I have not been able to get back to sleep. Here's hoping I fall asleep sitting in the chair today. I'm so tired but the pain in my head is so localized and intense that I can't sleep.

I try to be as quiet as possible when I get up this early so Bobby can get some more sleep. Here's hoping it works and he isn't up any time soon. Of course, that's only if the cats cooperate and don't go walking over him! Pande's not so bad, but Diablo is heavy enough that you definitely wake up when he walks on you.

Nothing else going on. Just trying to grin and bear it.