13 February 2009

Friday news

Ok, the news.....there isn't any. Everything's the same. I slept a LOT yesterday, headache was bad most of the time I was awake. For excitement, I've been saving my pee to take in to the lab today. About another hour and I'll be done. Sure hope they find what they're looking for!

No big plans or anything. Just the trip to drop off the pee and I'll be back home.

Right now, the headache is present, but it's not as painful as yesterday. I just hope it stays that way.

If/when I hear anything, I'll pass it on!

12 February 2009


Ouch. I got sleep, but woke up to a monster-size headache. Going to be a muted tv day for me! But to cheer me up, I get to collect my pee today......it just doesn't get any better, does it?

That's it for now.

11 February 2009

CT scan

Hello, again!

Well, I'm all done with the CT scan and it only took 1 hour longer than it should have! Last night, I drank a bottle of the barium-banana drink as instructed. When I got to the hospital for the test, they questioned the abdomen/chest CT, as they normally would include the pelvis with the abdomen. They called my doctor and were told to do the scan as they would normally proceed. So.....that meant I needed to drink another barium-banana drink and then WAIT for an hour for it to get through my system. Oh, goody.

So, I drank another bottle of the stuff and sat around and suffered through Regis & Kelly on the tv in the waiting room. Finally, they came and got me for the scan. Hallelujah!

As we're walking to the room, the lab tech says that the person doing the CT scan is very picky - she'll want me to drink more of the barium-banana stuff. Yup, she was right. After they got the IV in place, I got to drink some more stuff. Thankfully, I didn't have to drink another whole bottle, just about half of one. That way, there was more of the barium in the upper part of my system during the CT scan.

So, they ran me back and forth through the machine, then injected a dye into the IV so they could get a scan with the contrast dye. The dye isn't really a problem, except that when it moves through the bloodstream, you get a sensation like you need to urinate. Very weird feeling, but it doesn't last very long. So, back & forth I went again, and we were all done.

Headache, of course, was with me throughout. It really didn't like Regis' voice, either. I stopped and got some breakfast on the way home, as I was starving! (Did I mention I couldn't eat anything after midnight?) The barium-banana stuff was not suitable substitute for breakfast, that's for sure!

Oh....and the barium-banana stuff may make me have loose white bowel movements today as my system eliminates it. At least I have something to look forward to!

On my way out of the hospital, I went by the lab to pick up the jug for the 24-hour urine collection I need to do so they can do the test for the stuff the adrenal glands secretes. I'll start that tomorrow, then take it to the lab on Friday. That will be fun, don't you think? And I get to store it in the fridge - - -even better! (Bobby - don't drink from the orange pitcher.......)

So, all my excitement for the day is done. US-Mexico World Cup Qualifier game is on tonight, so my evening's excitement is scheduled, too.

Early report

I go in for my CT scan in about an hour, so I'll update when I return. Right now, head hurts, I don't like it, and I'm ready for it to be gone. You know, the usual.

10 February 2009

Test scheduled

I go in for the abdomen & chest CT Wednesday morning. I have to go by there today to pick up the barium because I apparently need to drink it at some point before I go in for the scan. I'll go do that later this morning. That will probably be my excitement for the day! I just hope this scan helps to diagnose the problem. I am soooooooooooo tired of this. I'm even more tired of this stupid headache.

Did anyone else feel like your home was going to blow away last night? It was awfully windy and noisy last night. Just all kinds of odd, loud sounds late in the night...as if my head didn't already hurt! I thought I'd wake up this morning in Munchkinland or something.

No other activity here. I'll let y'all know if anything exciting happens.

09 February 2009

Neurologist #2

I just got back from my visit to the new neurologist. Vastly different visit than with the first one! He looked through all the health questionnaire stuff I had filled out, asked some questions about things he read and things he noticed about me. He looked at the CT scan (and explained them!) and the MRI test (in another room on the computer, as that test was on a CD). He said the "spots" were very non-specific and he thinks the radiologist had "over read" them a bit.

However, after asking me to clarify some of my responses to the health questions, he said that he was wondering if most/all of my health problems could be related to some sort of problem with the adrenal gland! He said it's rare, but something going wrong with the adrenal gland could cause:

High blood pressure
Flushing (of the face)

Oh my God! Could it really be that all this stuff I've been dealing with (some of them for years) could all boil down to one problem?!?! Well, we're going to find out. I go back and see him in 2 weeks. Between now and then I'll have a CT scan of my chest & abdomen and some kind of 24-hour urine collection test to check for adrenaline levels. Right now, I'm going to do some research about the adrenal gland to educate myself. At least I feel like this neurologist cares about what's causing the pain. Much better feeling than the first one.

Please pray that an answer is discovered from these tests.

08 February 2009

I'm full

Well, Bobby got me up and moving so we could go eat at BD's. We've discovered if we get there right after they open there generally is no line. That way we get in and out quickly - especially good with my headache as BD's is not a quiet place. We both are stuffed and ready to just sit and watch Daytona Qualifying, so that's what we're doing.

Headache's still intense and I'm also lightheaded again. Sure am glad I'm seeing a new doctor tomorrow!